That Sinful Night
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He Was Forty Eight. His Hair were Turning White With every Passing Day. Wrinkles are Now Easily Visible On His Face. His Hands Were Trembling for Last Few Months. He Was a diabetic.

He Lived In Middle Class Residential area & Was a Government employee Or a Clerk In The Electric Department Of The City Precisely. A typical Man Which You Can Find anywhere in a Metropolitan City. He Was an ‘ Uncle ‘ For Everyone. Strangers Respect Him & Known People Hated Him Especially The Girls & Ladies Because He Was an Asshole.

He Wasn’t Shy Of anyone. He always Got Into Quarles almost Everyday with His Neighbours. He Was a Chain Smoker. He Abuses In Front Of Ladies & Kids. He Spank Children Without Any Reason. He Was an alcoholic Also. If You haven’t Any money & Need a Drink Then You Can Join Him after ten every…

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There is nothing worse than hunger,’ says South Africa hero Siya Kolisi of helping townships during lockdown

The Water War

World Must Wake Up to Injustice of Famine

Originally posted on Sharing: Water covers 71 percent of the Earth’s surface but for the most part it is composed of salt water and even the sweet one is not always accessible: only 0.3 is found in rivers and lakes and can be used by humans . The danger of tensions and conflicts linked to…


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US must lead if we are to avert a catastrophic loss of life

Reasons to be Humble

Benjamin Perks : Blogsite

It is humbling to work on global health and humanitarian communications in this moment. The vastness and vulnerability of the human race are breathtaking in equal measure. Talking with people in Nairobi, Geneva or Bangkok on how Covid19 could quickly collapse a fragile health system in a conflict zone or disrupt a medical supply chain on one continent causing a deadly drug shortage on another. Consulting on strategies for incentivising rebellious European teens to stay at home or to help impoverished children in low income countries stay safe without soap and water. Even the uncertainty of where we are heading. We are all vulnerable, in different, but equal ways. There is no ‘us and them’ this time.

People in Liverpool, Lagos and Laos are all social distancing and uber- handwashing as the virus wafts right across isolationist and nativist barriers. The nationalist orientations of just yesterday seem small and redundant…

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Rural America at Risk
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A Lawyer's Prayers

Dairy Barn at Malabar Farm State Park, Lucas, OH, Author OHWiki (PD)

  • 25% of rural American children live below the poverty line [1].  As of 2013, that translated to over 2.6 million children.
  • 25% of rural Americans are unable to obtain regular health care due to distance [2].  Over 100 rural hospitals have shut their doors since 2010.  Burnout among overworked rural physicians is high.  Family medical practices in small towns are closing down.
  • Nearly 25% of rural Americans – 14.5 million – still have no access to broadband [3].
  • Meanwhile, large retailers like JC Penney, Sears, and Macy’s are abandoning rural America in droves [4].  Apart from requiring longer drive times by shoppers, this has resulted in a loss both of sales tax revenues and jobs.

Rural communities are being stressed from nearly every quarter [5].

Overseas Markets

For the second year in a row, soybean farmers have been…

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